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Luxy is one of the most frequently chosen millionaire dating sites that is designed for the affluent and wealthy. This dating site has actually restricted some audience as they are not welcoming all individuals to be part of this site and become its loyal members. Men who really wanted to join such dating website need to acquire a minimum of annual income at about $200,000. The threshold of this dating website for women is set to be at about $100,000.
One of the best description that could describe Luxy is simply elite. With its super detailed and intuitive options, Luxy effortlessly stroked as one of the most commonly chosen website including big shots and top celebrities. This millionaire dating site is already reaching millions of worldwide users. So, for wealthy men as well as admirers who are searching for their ideal partners, Luxy is the best place for you to go.


Luxy is charging its members a premium fee for the goodies they are offering. This is the reason why such dating site is considered to be one of the most expensive in the market today. For some subscriptions, here are the allotted prices you need to be aware about and they are as follows:

  •  One-month subscription for only $99.99
  • Three-months subscription for only $239.99
  • Six-months subscription for only $349.99

Users who wished to upgrade their membership packages can immediately pay with the use of their credit card.

Excellent Features

This Luxy highlights useful features that are primarily designed to respond to millionaires needs. Unlike other dating sites, such type of aspect really set its different feature. This site strived to be on top of the dating site competition by highlighting excellent features that certainly give their dating site an edge in today’s competitive market.
Here are the lists of some features in this dating site that could help you to connect in like-minded and rich people.

  • Free Profile Creation and Registration
  • Check Out the Profiles of Other Users and See What They Can Offer You
  • Vouch  – This is an effective voting system that is primarily employed in this dating site. Instead of using website admin that offers prospective users an entry to this site, Luxy is giving this power to their existing users. All you have to do is to vote out or vote in an individual based on your interest. In instances, where an individual fail to acquire for about 50% of votes in their favor, they he or she would not be permitted to join this dating service.
  • Play – This is a tinder like feature that is primarily based on pictures where you can have the chance to swipe right if you are interested and swipe left if you’re not. All the members in Luxy are given three rounds each day to play. If you are interested to acquire for more rounds, well upgrading your chosen subscription is highly recommended.
  • Moments – This is an effective feature that allows all registered members to share some of their personal pictures as well as exquisite stuffs. Users are also given the chance to comment on the presented pictures which is similar to some social networking sites. This is just to build a certain type of rapport at the same time show their great interest.
  • Topics – This dating website renamed forums into topics but those members who already made use of forums can still feel the convenience that this site offers. When it comes to the topics of this dating site, there are some twists that you need to be aware of. Users are allowed to post some questions that other members can vote on. Questions that will be receiving the highest votes can be considered as the most popular question of the day.
  • Luxy Black – This is now the premium membership features of this dating site. This highlights the subscription that are made available for you. This gives complete access to all the features of Luxy. This will not only give you three rounds for you to play but also open for an opportunity for some filtering options. This also allows users to immediately verify some details towards becoming a verified user in this dating site.

With the above mentioned features of Luxy, you’re already given a hint why most of the people are really interested to know more about this dating site and eventually become part of it.

Final Verdict

Despite of the fact that Luxy is similar to all other millionaires dating sites but still there are lots of things that sets it apart from others. This dating site is loaded with amazing features that you will not find in other dating website. Apart from that, this site is easy to navigate and use hence you will not experience any stress and hassle when you become a member of this site. This is just one of the few dating websites that is made available in the market intended for both experienced and novice users even without thorough and deep understanding of what this dating site is about.
Even though its premium subscription is very expensive, still you’re assured that this is all worth it. Taking a closer look at what this dating site can offer you, it can always be concluded that this site really provides decent value worth your money. With its staggering kind of customer base for millions of users, you are assured that exploring more about this dating site will be an exciting and convenient experience for you.
Luxy is made available for users with iOS devices and all other devices which gives an assurance that you will stay in touch with your loved ones regardless of what type of gadget you use. While its standard type of membership will not give you an access to its huge numbers of interesting features, the improvement Luxy Black can open up an opportunity to boost your chance to search for an ideal match. In general, if you can always afford to be part of this Luxy, then don’t miss the chance to immediately inquire and sign up to be part of this dating site member.
So, why waste your time, money and effort with other dating site if Luxy can already be an ideal site for you to search for your future partner.

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